Sabtu, 19 September 2015

Staying Modest with a Cute Swimsuit Coverup

Staying Modest with a Cute Swimsuit Coverup

Hello lovelies! I’m keeping it pretty simple for you with today’s post! So, we all think about getting cute swimsuits for summer, but what about cute swimsuit coverups?? A girl has gotta be fab going to and from the beach, after all! And who would be better to help you look fabulous than Hello Fab boutique? I’ve followed them on Instagram for awhile, and when this dress popped up in their feed, I knew I needed it in my closet! It is a darling dress, modest, and great for every day wear. But my favorite part, is that it doubles as an adorable swimsuit coverup!
The mix of colors in the floral print of this dress is what caught my attention. I love the deep red with the bright, summer colors. The lace detailing on the chest and sleeves, along with the flared sleeves, gives a great bohemian feel (which I love for beach ware!). I am wearing this dress over a HOT pink swimsuit, so the pink undertone you see is caused by that. This dress has a true beige color to it!

Swimsuit Coverup

Unfortunately, Hello Fab doesn’t have this dress listed yet, but follow them on Instagram, and watch for them to post a deal on it! Trust me, you’ll want to follow them either way!! But I’ve posted some similar dresses below that I also love!!

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